Detailed mode of action of the MTHFD1/2 inhibitor TH9619 now published in Nature Metabolism

The One-carbon Therapeutics team is proud and excited to share our latest paper published inNature Metabolism describing the detailed mode of action of our potent MTHFD1/2 inhibitorTH9619 under development for difficult-to-treat cancers. It explains the inhibitor’s cancer specificityand emphasises the importance of utilising correct human-like conditions and cancer models in drugdevelopment. We show that cancer-specific […]

MTHFD2 inhibitors now published in Nature Cancer

We are proud that the MTHFD2 inhibitors are now published in the prestigious journal Nature Cancer. In this first report, we describe that MTHFD2 inhibitors deplete cells of thymidine, specifically in cancer cells. We show that the loss of thymidine causes replication stress, which is a hallmark for DNA damage response (DDR) inhibitors and placing our […]

One-carbon therapeutics appoints Dr Ana Slipicevic as acting CEO

We are very pleased to announce that Dr Ana Slipicevic has been appointed as acting CEO of one-carbon therapeutics AB. Ana is joining us from Oncopeptides AB where she has been translational research director and leading a team developing and implementing translational research strategies in the early and late-stage clinical trial pipeline. Dr Ana Slipicevic […]